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It was the Headies award last week Thursday, 26th December, I had never heard of it, but apparently it was the 8th Editon and a lot of celebrities were turned out for the event. Fashion wise it was quite interesting.... So let's start in with the not so good

Ciara - Arrivals at the American Music Awards — Part 3
Ciara at the 2013 AMAs in J. Mendel
Osas Ighodaro in Chi Chi Vogue

This outfit worn by Tinsel star, Osas, looks like a bad imitation of the J.mendel dress Ciara wore to the AMAs last month. What I don't understand is the tulle added to the bottom of the dress, it looks like she has a couple of hedgehogs attached to her legs. I'm thinking it's the designers way of attempting to make the gown an original. An original mess I'd say! Such a pity, because she's a pretty girl with an amazing body and I like her hair and make up. I suspect she was paid to wear this, it's the only thing that makes sense.

ok is it me or even the pose seem copied too


I don't particularly like this skirt  worn by Toolz, it' looks like something she made herself, and the belt.......ugh! Also with a satin/silk  blouse like the kind she has on, one needs to wear  a "t-shirt bra", no frills, no lace, so it doesn't show through the material like hers is doing. Most especially when you are going to be photographed, the camera can be so unforgiving. On the whole I think the ensemble looks like something the office receptionist at a small 'one man business" company would wear to the office Christmas party.  Again this is such a pity because toolz has an amazing figure and she's proof you dont have to be very slim or skinny to be sexy. Plus I like her hair

Toke Makinwa in April by Kunbi & Mi-Le
Toke Makinwa

Ha, the ubiquitous Toke! I heard (or probably read) she gets paid to attend these events, so again maybe she also has to wear the outfits they choose. To be fair, she's always impeccably dressed and well groomed. I don't like the dress (I'm still trying to decide the colour) on the left. It's just a dress, not a bad one, not a good one, just a dress. I also think it makes her look old, at least older than her purported age range. The one on the right is in, it's more interesting, not necessarily a better outfit. What would have pulled the look together was if she had her hair sleeked back into a bun, chignon or something... it would have been the perfect foil for the loosely draped dress. That with a more interesting shoe colour


Victoria Kimani
Victoria Kimani
I don't know this victoria, maybe she's another OAP, they are everywhere these days, but this outfit isn't doing her any favours. She looks like, (and I say this in the nicest way), a porn star! Not because the outfit is revealing in a bad way, it just looks so cheap! The bottom half of the dress looks like it was made from those black bin bags, and the least she should have committed to the look and wore "stripper heels" Also let's ignore her dimpled thighs and legs, it's the least of her problems in this outfit. Again another pretty girl in a terrible dress, though I'm thinking maybe the joke is on me and she WAS going for the porn star look. 


All I can say is, she must have been heading to church and missed her way!

This is just a god awful dress.............from any angle you look at it

Mercy Ajisafe in Mimi Lee London
Mercy Ajisafe

Okay, first, this girl is in dire need of a steak. Second she should have worn the jacket, so as to hide this material she has on. Third, the shoes......the hair...........ugh!

Allaburah Hawwa

Another person that missed her way, she surely is headed to the set of a badly made sci-fi movie where she's playing the alien.

Funmi Iyanda in Iconic Invanity
Funmi Iyanda

I don't particularly like this outfit worn by Funmi, but I do think it's appropriate for this kind of event.  I like that she committed to it  with the 'fro, I'm thinking any other hairstyle wouldn't have worked. Also, she has the body for this outfit and I must say she looks way better than most of the girls half her age at this event.
Emma Nyra
Emma Nyra
I like this a lot. It brings back memories of Jennifer Lopez at the 2011 grammy awards. It fits her perfectly, its short without being skanky, and the shoes are fab. It would have been perfect if it wasn't for that awful hair.......the weave looks lifeless and its a tad much. Still, it's one of the best looks of the event. 
Jennifer Lopez in Pucci, 2011 grammy awards
Seyi Shay
Sheyi Shay

She's a dead ringer for Kerry Washington in this outfit. I love her hair and the whole ensemble. It's a bit safe, but like they say, "better safe.............

Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi in April by KUnbi
Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi

Another fab look. I love this shade of yellow. I like the fit of the dress on her, I like her make-up.......she looks elegant and classy. Pity I can't see her shoes, but I'm hoping they are not black!  

I prefer the black outfit on the right. It suits her body better. The red outfit on the left, should actually fit her body shape better, grecian styled dresses usually fit curvy women but somehow, I'm not liking this particular cut on her. Still both outfits are not bad and I like her make-up, I can't make out her hair (is it a weave, braids, ghana weaving?), it does look interesting though.

Yvonne "vixen"Ekwere

 I like this outfit, which is unusual because I'm not a fan of sheer dresses, but again sometimes it's all about the person wearing it. First she looks like she isn't taking herself too seriously, second, she has the body for the dress and the aplomb to pull it off. Third, if you can't wear a dress like this when you are young and in your prime, then when will you wear it?. Again it would have been perfect, but for the hair!!!! Yes, full diva hair does go with this outfit, but somehow hers just looks stiff and lifeless.

Stephanie Coker in Mai Atafo Inspired
Stephanie Coker

I think she looks nice, and I like her hair, it doesn't look like something that should be shot.

Teju "Babyface" Oyelakin & Tobi Oyelakin

Teju “Babyface” Oyelakin & Tobi Oyelakin

I didn't want to end without mentioning this couple. Okay so I get the guy is a comedian, so is this outfit part of his comedic act? At first, I thought he was trying to channel 1940's american gangsters, but the hat is all wrong, and his wife isn't dressed like a moll. Then it occurred to me he was channeling Charlie Chaplin (the hat is still wrong).  
Charlie Chaplin

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  1. lol @Teju channeling Charlie Chaplin.
    me thinks osas' outfit was fab. funmi iyanda's outfit good?! it wasn't age appropriate abeg!
    my best look of the night has got to be Stephanie Coker's. then osas' came a close second.