Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wardrobe Essentials

Every fashion mag, blog etc  always has a piece on 'wardrobe essentials", so guess i'm not saying anything new. I don't always agree with everything and some I feel, are just indulgent. These however is my take on it:

The LBD: my favourite. What will we do without our little or long black dress? I'm not talking about some backless, strapless number, but a decent well cut, well fitted black dress, made from a good fabric . The kind you can wear to work, funeral, wedding, when meeting the queen........Three kinds of dresses come to mind in choosing the ultimate black dress:
A wrap dress: I love wrap dresses, I think its one of those dresses that fits everyone, tall, short, big boned, large breasts, no breasts (ok, maybe a nicely enhanced bra may be needed here). A well-fitted wrap dress, just below the knee will do just fine. Its also an item I feel one can splurge on, because it will serve you well. Funny enough I don't own a single wrap dress, i'm still holding out for that Diane von Furstenberg (she's the queen of wrap dresses).

A Shift dress: This is also suitable for any body structure, very easy and comfortable to wear, especially when going for those dinner events, were you've fasted for the whole day and plan to unleash your appetite on that buffet table. Shift dresses are loose fitting and usually slightly above the knee or knee length. I have such a dress, I got it from Anne-Taylor and it cost a bit more than i'd normally pay for a dress, but, god, has it served me well. Its slightly above the knee with a scoop neckline. I wear this dress to work, wore it when I was pregnant and needed to dress up, wear it for a night out, wore it to a funeral, so guess i'm just waiting for that invite from the queen. The dress doesn't need ironing, or a certain kind of bra, nor a slip, and I can dress it up (with my sky high heels and appropriate jewelry) or dress down with my flats (own only one pair) or mid heels. Did I say again how I love that dress?

  • A sheath dress: To reteirate, your sheath dress has to be well cut and very well suited, but when it is, it can unleash your inner vixen. Its very important for your sheath dress to have an inner lining and made from cotton, polyester etc and not from jersey material, so it can sit well on the body. Another thing I love about the sheath dress is how you can play it up with those thin belts in different colours, something which can't really be done with the wrap or shift dress.
  When choosing this "black dress", as much as possible, avoid one that has embellishings, designs, rhine-stones etc anything that can draw one's attention too much to the dress, and remind them of it when you wear the dress again. Frankly I even believe all three dresses are a wardrobe staple, and if possible, one should have one of each...........and yeah preferably all in black.